Woodside Smile Dental


A crown is a dental restoration that covers a tooth so it is restored to its normal shape and size. The purpose of a crown is to strengthen and support a tooth and will most often improve the appearance of a tooth. At Woodside Smile Dental we suggest crowns for the following reasons:

  • To support teeth with large fillings
  • To attach bridges
  • To protect weak teeth from fracturing
  • To restore fractured teeth
  • To cover badly shaped or discolored teeth
  • To cover dental implants

At least two visits are required for a crown procedure. At your first visit, one of our dentists will prepare the tooth and take an impression so an exact model of the tooth can be made. A temporary crown is put in place until your permanent one is ready. At your next visit, the permanent crown is cemented or bonded in place.

Our dentists take great care and work with highly skilled technicians to create crowns that are not only comfortable but also look like your natural teeth. We use a variety of materials when making your crown. Because each patient and each tooth is unique we thoroughly evaluate each patient and each crown so both the esthetics and the function are considered when choosing the material that is right for you and your tooth. Whichever material is used, the shape, color, texture and overall individuality of your tooth is considered and selected to match your other natural teeth.